Friday, September 23, 2016

Evolve Your Data Storage

Author: Mateo Miramontes, Mainstay Business Value Consultant

Let’s face it, today’s business environment is all about data. The coined term “Big Data” is a feeble attempt at describing the vast amounts of data that companies gather in order to understand buyer trends and gain a competitive advantage. Analyzing all of this collected data becomes a key activity because the reports produced from the analytics are used to make important strategic decisions. The question becomes, how are organizations storing this data and how are they able to access it quickly and securely in order to use it to benefit its customers an increase their bottom line?

We have all heard about the “Cloud” and its ability to store information and allow access from anywhere, but with security being a top priority for most companies, it’s not a viable solution. Good thing it’s not the only new solution for modern data storage. Many companies are realizing the benefits of all-flash array storage. All-flash array or AFA storage is the next evolution of hard drive storage. Out are the spinning electromechanical disk drives that stored data, and in are solid state drives (SSD) that contain multiple flash memory drives. SSD’s have no moving parts allowing them to be erased and reprogrammed in blocks which creates a high availability storage center that is not only fast but has unprecedented efficiency.

Many organizations have seen the multitude of benefits from switching to AFA storage. As more data is collected, does your organization want to continue to invest in rows and rows of servers with traditional disk drives that continually break down and create performance issues, or do you want to evolve with technology?

A few of the many benefits of an All-Flash Array Storage
  •         Increase data mobility speeds and allow data to be shared and accessed across your entire organization
  •          Eliminate latency as more users access data
  •          Allow IT to focus on strategic initiatives instead of storage device maintenance
  •          Support real time analytics for faster reporting and strategic decision making
  •          Reduce storage device footprint with fewer racks and decreased power consumption
  •          Reduce replacement and expansion costs
  •          Increase time-to-market

Mainstay Company has calculated the benefits that AFA has had on many organizations. Solutions such as the ones offered by Pure Storage have increased organizations ability to serve its customers while decreasing cost and strengthening data security.  For more information about how AFA could benefit your business, contact us at