Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Is Your Network Security Solution Keeping Up With Your Pace of Business?

By Mateo Miramontes, Mainstay Company
At this point we can all name multiple organizations that have faced a data breach and seen the widespread impact on their brands. There are even more organizations that have faced similar breaches that we haven’t heard about. The reality is many executives see security as a bottleneck to growth, so they only update their network security solution when something happens to them or their competitors. Security providers have come a long way, and there are multiple solutions in the market that actually help drive business while providing an incredible amount of agile security.
In order to keep your organization secure you must start with an honest conversation between your IT security team and your solution provider. Are the solutions meeting the security demands and is your current solution agile enough to meet your growth? Is your solution stuck on the traditional device and location-based security or does it provide the identity and policy-based security that is required in today’s mobile environment? There are solutions that meet all of your needs and more, and, in some cases, organizations pay licensing fees to use these solutions but don’t know what they have.
A recent project of ours shed light on how much network security has advanced and some solutions, that as a package, give organizations a full suite of products that can keep their network secure no matter how many devices are connected. The software allows IT to have full visibility of anything connected to their network and apply automated access to devices as soon as they are connected. The visibility and automation has helped companies lower the cost of setting up devices when they open new offices. Imagine plugging in a new telepresence system without needing your IT team. Networks are able to identify and assign access based on the rules that were already set. Also imagine a network security solution that can determine the security level of the mobile network you are using to connect to your company apps and can limit access to ensure that your connection doesn’t allow for an intruder. All of these automated security features not only make your network more agile and secure, but they also free up time so your IT security team can focus on other important tasks.
We encourage you to talk with your network security team and provider to make sure your solutions are providing the security required for your organization. Being proactive today will not only help prevent an attack but could also create a more efficient environment that allows your organization to grow without worrying about your security lagging behind. You can also contact us at to discuss the network security environment.