Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Ready to Drive Sales? Mainstay Can Show You How at Cisco Live!

By Craig LeGrande, CEO & Founder, Mainstay
Are you ready for Cisco Live in San Diego? We are!
Mainstay is one of the newest members of Cisco’s partner community, and we’re bringing a fresh perspective to driving sales for Cisco. We are working closely with Cisco’s sales leaders to reinvent the way they engage with customers, providing a business-outcome perspective to spark excitement and momentum around Cisco’s broad range of enterprise solutions.
Many of you may have already worked with our team to develop executive-ready business cases that prove that your solutions can deliver significant ROI to your customers. Or you may have engaged Mainstay to ensure your customers are fully adopting your solution and realizing its full business potential.
Either way, Cisco’s DSI partner program streamlines the administrative effort to kick off these engagements and provides the flexibility to form-fit our sales-enablement projects to your organization’s unique needs.
Since joining Cisco DSI in September 2018, we’ve spun up engagements in just days to meet Cisco’s tight deadlines. We engineer our engagements to match the needs of your organization and provide an independent point of view that adds credibility to your offering.  
In the last eight months, Mainstay has completed multiple business case projects that projected over $10 million in hard cost savings to Cisco customers, laying the groundwork for accelerated investments in Cisco solutions. 
These business case successes are driven by tight collaboration between our consultants, customer sponsors, and Cisco account teams, who all work closely together to build a robust success story.
As one Cisco Account Manager said: “I have worked with Mainstay for over eight years and I always felt comfortable with the numbers they put together. This is one of the reasons I suggested we bring them in. I like their propriety tool and the business cases it generates. The results really resonate with executives.”
Similarly, in our solution-adoption practice, we help companies identify and address the special needs of users to accelerate consumption.
Our team works closely with your customer’s user groups to understand the opportunities to create efficiencies at work, boost quality, and maximize adoption. In a recent example, the Cisco account team wanted to demonstrate the power of Cisco’s collaboration suite to help train nurses and clinicians. Working with the health system’s training team, Mainstay developed a powerful set of collaboration use cases that will help users adopt the technology and create collaboration-enabled workflows in their day-to-day work.
In short: Mainstay brings the experience and expertise to accelerate your customers’ ability to fund new Cisco solutions and ultimately realize the full value of their Cisco investment.
If you’re going to Cisco Live in San Diego and want to learn more about Mainstay, drop by our booth at the DSI pavilion. We’ll be right near the entrance to the “World of Solution’s Cisco Umbrella Park.”
Look forward to seeing you there!

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

How about starting your digital transformation journey with a breakthrough?

By Karan Yaramada, President & CEO, Jade Global

In the last blog, I reflected on how we promote and nurture an open innovation culture at Jade, including the organizational and business benefits that have resulted from this initiative. Now, I’d like to share with you one of the ideas that was born from open innovation.

Let me give you some brief background first. It’s no news that digital transformation has taken center stage in enterprises these days. Nearly eight out of 10 companies in the US are in the process of doing so, but fail to scale and sustain their digital transformation initiatives. While the early phases were filled with huge promises, one of the biggest challenges CIOs face is the overreliance on legacy technologies or not having the right tools.

Today, Chief Digital Officers and CIOs are coming to terms with the tremendous effort required to upgrade their IT infrastructure foundations and become digital-ready. Companies are already transitioning from “Big Bang Future” rhetoric and looking for early wins — specifically, they are identifying iterative front-end led approaches and digital transformation needs in order to improve today’s operational efficiency. In this scenario, how and where do we look for quick wins? Out of our open innovation process came a self-service automation idea – specifically, an AI-powered, cross-platform, enterprise Smartbot that could provide intelligence and information for decision-making.

Think of a sales leadership meeting where as the Head of Sales you need to make an important decision on where to invest your team’s efforts, and you need quick answers to all kinds of questions related to the pipeline. “What are our top three healthcare opportunities?” and “Which customers have increased their spend with us in the last quarter?” are just a couple of examples. What if you could speak these questions into your phone and get back the right answers?

Most important decisions need conversational intelligence in real-time to keep the flow and momentum of the conversation going. Across Sales, Marketing, Finance, Travel Desk, HR, and other business functions, there are of course any number of scenarios this type of a capability can support. Backed by an enterprise-grade neural network, you can then configure and train self-service use cases for your enterprise.

This was motivation enough for our Jade Labs team to create Kanverse, an AI-powered cross-platform app that smartly interprets intent through simple voice commands and retrieves data from the correct source – whether it is Salesforce, ServiceNow, or Oracle. Across the organization, Kanverse can be that one bot, your around-the-clock, digital concierge which provides real time information, reminders, and notifications to aid your decision making and simplifies your daily tasks. Cross-service integration, SSO, security, and identity management are also built into Kanverse.

Did I mention that Kanverse learns every time we use it, like all well-behaved neural networks do?

While CIOs go about upgrading their back-end infrastructure to meet the demands of the digital enterprise, Kanverse can be that quick win – the one that will help you make smarter decisions in real-time, boosting user experience and productivity. Learn more about Kanverse here. I look forward to your comments, suggestions, and feedback!