Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Competing for Customers: How the Best Companies Use Customer Success to Deliver Results That Matter

Facilitators: Amir Hartman, Founder, Mainstay and Carol Sato, VP Global Customer Programs, Oracle

“Customer focus” and “customer advocacy” are no longer enough. Today, customers can walk away from your products and services on a moment’s notice. There’s only one way to make sure it doesn’t happen: focus relentlessly on helping them achieve measurable business outcomes. Not just once. Not just before the sale. You need to support outcomes constantly, throughout your
entire relationship—and make sure your customers know it. This doesn’t just happen. It requires a comprehensive, tested blueprint that integrates everything you do.

Those in charge of customer advocacy and other customer programs, must be center stage in this transformation. Based on the forthcoming book “Competing for Customers,” and using examples from some of the best companies out there, Amir and Carol will discuss the unifying principles and tactics required for success.

This workshop will provide attendees with:
  • A self-assessment to identify critical gaps
  • A facilitated breakout session to identify short term remedies
  • Best practices from some of the leading companies

 For more information about the Center of Customer Engagement Summit visit http://centerforcustomerengagement.com/